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Company-presentation West Communication AS (WestCom)

West Communication AS is a communications company with Motorola radio products as the main field. Since the founding of Vest Elektroteknikk AS in 1976, we have been one of the largest Motorola dealers in Norway.

Our services range from rental of portable radios to deliver customized communications solutions for customer requirements and we are proud of our client list, ranging from the Norwegian Polar Institute in Svalbard to the largest shipyards in South Korea.

Customers include the transportation, processing and manufacturing, defense, emergency services, aviation, offshore, oil refineries / gas terminals, supply ships and shipping worldwide.

Our main fields are deliveries to platforms, terminals and refineries with equipment for explosion hazardous areas (ATEX). The company delivers headset and voice garnish for use in noisy areas and smoke-diving equipment to firefighters.

There will be a short distance from the customer to the decision maker. Personal service and advice is an integral part of everything we do, and is a crucial factor for our success.

West Communication AS will consolidate its position as one of the most competent suppliers of these products and services.

Ownership Structure

The company is owned by OJN Invest AS