Laws and regulations

Procurement, use and termination of PMR / DMR

The NPT is the supervisory and administrative for postal and telecommunications sector in Norway. Responsibilities include granting licenses for radio and management of radio frequency specter.

This is PMR

PMR networks are mobile radio networks for internal use only for a limited group with their own communication needs. PMR can be both one-to-one communication or one to many, it means that all the radio network hears the same message simultaneously.


Typical user groups are emergency services, transport and industry. PMR networks are also used for major events such as sports events and concerts.


The license is required to possess, establish and use PMR equipment.

Application for license

Applications should be submitted to the NPT. Application forms are available at radio dealers or NPT.

Rules for use

It is only those who have a license are allowed to use PMR equipment. The license holder is responsible for ensuring that unauthorized access to the network and radio equipment. It is not unusual that more license holders share the same radio channel. This means that other users can hear what is being said. It is not allowed to listen, record, reproduce or use correspondence which is not addressed to own station. It is normal radio procedure to listen before activating the radio transmitter and begins to speak, so they do not disturb others who are in the process of conveying messages.


Parliament has decided that the NPT activities shall be self-financing. That means it must be paid for all services. This is done in the form of fees. For PMR networks are the fees associated with the license, and shall be paid as long as this is valid. This means that the fee must be paid even if, for example, acquired radio equipment or if the telecommunications network is put into operation / is not operational. The charges follow the calendar year. For 2005, the fee rates: NOK 1.850, - pr. Base / fixed station and NOK 350, - pr. mobile unit. Invoice basis is based on the information submitted to the NPT. Invoiced to be paid in full. Fee rates change according to the consumer price index.


When changes in PMR network license holder shall contact the NPT in advance. Fixed radio systems: Moving fixed installations (base or control stations), expansion of PMR network with multiple base or control stations and changes in the technical approach, should not be undertaken without prior written permission is obtained from the NPT. Mobile stations: The license holder shall immediately notify in writing the number of mobile stations change. If expansion includes 15 or more stations, must apply for permission in advance. Name and address changes: Changing the license holder's name and / or address must be notified in writing to the NPT.

Imposed changes:

NPT may order changes when the technical development, the interests of other users of frequencies, or other circumstances make this necessary.

Termination of license

There are two ways a concession expires on: The license holder terminates the license NPT withdraws a concession. Notice shall be sent to the NPT. The withdrawal shall be be in writing, dated and signed by the concessionaire. The license expires when the NPT has received valid termination. Paid annual fee will not be refunded, even if the notice is recorded during the calendar year. To avoid payment obligations for the following calendar year, must termination of the concession must be received by the NPT before the entrance to the new fee period commencing January 1 each year. If the license is terminated for transition to the new fee period, non-refundable fee has been paid and the concessionaire is liable for claims still have not been paid in termination year.